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Express Yourself With Body Art

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318 S Hamilton Street Saginaw Michigan

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About Kaylee

I started doing art as soon as I was old enough to hold a pencil. My mom couldn't keep enough art supplies in the house! She sent me to Ms. Cheryl, a local art teacher, as an extracurricular activity in elementary school, where I learned how to paint. Then I went on to the art program at SASA for middle school and part of high school. I finished in the graphic design program at Lighthouse Connections, an online high school. Art is my purpose in life, to create and share beauty with the world.

I started using Henna in middle school and have always drawn designs on myself and my friends. In middle school, for our "career" research project, I explored the daily life of tattoo artists, which I think came full circle when I look at where I am now in life. After high school, I decided to follow my passion and went to the  Master Tattoo Institute in Miami for my tattoo education. In the course, we had professional instruction on tattoo styles, shading, how to keep things sanitary and professional plus much more.

Most importantly, we had tons of practice with the tattoo gun and the opportunity to do tattoos on people under the supervision of our instructor. Going to a tattoo school isn't necessarily traditional. Still, I loved it and learned so much, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to become a tattoo artist.

I look forward to helping people create meaningful, memorable, and quality body art to express themselves. I can't wait to meet everyone who comes to get a tattoo from me!


About the Shop

318 S. Hamilton St Suite 2, Saginaw, MI 48602

Zeal Tattoos is a one-person tattoo studio located in Hamilton Square, a 150-year-old building in Old Town Saginaw. Just imagine all of the people that have walked through it! 

After our consultation and a little paperwork, we'll pick a time to meet at my cozy studio to do your tattoo. I've got drinks (non-alcoholic, of course), TV, movies, or music to entertain you while I work my artistic magic on your skin to bring your design to life.

Hours of operation: By appointment only. Let's set up a time to talk!